How to Measure a Backdrop Necklace

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       Backdrop necklaces are a popular trend for the bride with a low back wedding dress or any open back fashion. Our collection of backdrops is a fun addition to our jewelry shop. We love the simplicity and elegance of these necklaces and added natural gemstones to our designs. We found styles to be quite different though when it comes to measuring. So we will show you how to measure a couple of popular styles to get the perfect fit.

                                                       Ruby Backdrop Necklace in Gold





     The first is the backdrop style that does not need a clasp in back. These necklaces are usually 26 or 28 inches in length. They easily slide over the head and form a V in the middle back, dangling a drop like in the photos above and below.



                                                         Aquamarine Backdrop in Rose Gold   




      With this style the front can be worn as a choker or pendant. Some backdrops have a y necklace design in front. Our Aquamarine backdrop is worn in a choker style in front and the Emerald backdrop is worn in a pendant style in front.


                                                         Emerald and Opal Backdrop in Gold



     When measuring for this style, just follow the steps below so you can get the right fit. It is easiest to measure if you have someone to help: 

  • Take a long piece of string and place the center of the string in front of your neck (cut enough for the 26-28 inch length that fits over your head and cut an extra piece for the drop).
  • Bring both ends of the string around to the back, and then bring them together to form a V.
  • In the front, pull the string forward slightly to adjust the length either in a choker or pendant style, whichever way you would like to wear it. Then readjust the back slightly where you would like to form the V. 
  • Measure at 26 and 28 inches to see which length fits best, making sure it can easily slide over your head  (if you need a different length just let us know).
  • Then from the V in back add the length of string (or two for a double strand) to see where you would like your drop to fall. 
  • Make sure that when you measure, you are keeping in mind where your open back dress or blouse falls. It may be best to measure while wearing your outfit.


         The second style has the drop that attaches to the back of the necklace near the clasp, as shown in the photo below.   


                                                                    Cascading Moonstone Backdrop


         This style of back necklace is easy to measure. We make ours by attaching the drop to the end of necklace chain in back. We do add a 1 inch extender so you can make slight adjustments to the length. 

         Some drops are made removable that you clip onto the clasp. This way you can remove the drop when you want to wear your necklace without it. If you prefer a removable drop, just let us know. 

    Here is how to measure this style of backdrop: 

    • Take a piece of string (common necklace chain lengths are 16, 18, or 20 inches)) and place the center of the string in front of your neck.
    • Bring both ends around to the back of your neck and measure the length that is comfortable to you. 
    • Next cut a piece of string (or two pieces for a double strand drop) and measure where you would like your drop to fall. Measure the drop length from the back of the neck at the clasp.


                 The photo below shows the front of this Moonstone necklace worn in a pendant style.




                 We hope this information has been helpful so you can wear a backdrop necklace that fits perfect on you.

                Our collection is made in styles that can be worn dressed up or down for any occasion. We use a dainty cable chain in your choice of 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, and 14K Rose Gold Filled. 


            You can click the link below if you would like to see more wedding jewelry designs:



            You can always reach us at and we will get in touch. 


            Happy measuring, and we will be back with more jewelry tips soon.


            Thank you,

            Linda and Joe

            Lindas Jewelry Shop





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