Oregon Sunstone Jewelry

     Oregon sunstone is a natural gemstone found in southcentral Oregon. Sunstones contain copper, and it is the amount of copper in the stone that creates a shimmering effect called “schiller.” This is a gemstone phenomenon known as aventurescence that is caused by the interaction of light with tiny copper inclusions. Stones will display varying patterns of schiller, and some stones will have more than one color (bi-color). 

     Oregon sunstone was created from a volcano that discharged molten lava onto the earth’s surface. The lava discharged from the volcano was covered by lakes for thousands of years. Over time as the lakes dried, the lava broke down and released feldspar crystals to form sunstone.

     Our sunstone collection includes peach colored stones varying from a lighter champagne peach, a pinkish peach, to a darker reddish peach. We select our stones from the Butte Mine and the Dust Devil Mine.