About Us



Welcome to Lindas Jewelry Shop! We are a family business in New Hampshire creating handmade sterling silver and gold filled gemstone jewelry.

How it all began:

     After 23 years working as a registered nurse I found myself needing to make a change in careers. I had always enjoyed creating things, so I began jewelry making in 2014 and started Lindas Jewelry Shop. I loved working with all the different gemstones and metals and found the possibilities for designs were endless! 

     As things became quite busy, my sons Joe and Bill joined in and we formed our family business in 2015. Since then Bill has moved on, and today Joe and I work together running our business and creating all our jewelry pieces. Joe is my go to when stones are hard to set and he has a great eye for design. 


What we love about jewelry making:

      We love that there are always more gemstones to discover and more skills to learn in jewelry making. It is one of the remaining crafts that cannot be machine made or mass produced. We would love to learn more metalsmith techniques next! It is such a rewarding feeling when someone purchases one of our jewelry pieces to give to someone special. 


What are we working on now:

    We just added a wedding jewelry collection to all our shops. We are planning to add jewelry and gifts for the wedding party coming soon. 

     We just finished adding many of our jewelry items on our new Goimagine shop. So now we sell on Goimagine, Etsy, and our website store here.


What we are planning next:

      We will be hand forging earwires soon and we are working on some designs in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. Down the road we hope to do a few craft shows and gem shows and make some local connections. We continue to add new gemstones and designs to our collection. 


     Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or if you would like us to design something special just for you.


Thank you to all our customers for your support, 

Linda and Joe