Caring for Freshwater Pearls

How do I care for Freshwater pearls?
  • Freshwater Pearls are very sensitive to heat and can crack or chip easily.

  • Pearls should not be stored in airtight containers because this can cause the pearl to dry out and crack.

  • Pearls need to draw in moisture, so loosely wrapping in a soft cloth and placing in a slightly opened jewelry drawer is best.

  • Pearls can be cleaned very gently with warm water and a mild soap using a very soft cloth. Pearl should never be scrubbed.

  • Rinse well to remove any soap residue, and pat dry very gently.

  • Never use ultrasonic cleaners or heat steamers with Pearls.

  • Pearls should be the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off when applying perfumes, makeup, and hairsprays.

  • Always remove before showering and swimming in chlorinated pools or ocean water.

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