Caring for Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled Jewelry

  • The best thing you can do for your Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled jewelry is to clean regularly using a little bit of warm water, very mild soap, and a soft cloth to dry and shine after.
  • Be sure to rinse well to remove any soap residue.
  • Always remove your jewelry before showering or swimming in chlorinated pools or ocean water.
  • Avoid the use of household chemicals like bleach and ammonia.
  • We have included an anti-tarnish tab (the little black tab in the plastic bag) to place next to your jewelry to help prevent tarnish. These tabs are good for 12 months and will begin to change color when they need to be replaced.

  •  Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewelry are actually somewhat abrasive or corrosive and can cause some damage or color alteration to your jewelry.
  • There are polishing cloths made specifically for cleaning gold and silver that work very well and are non-abrasive.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions about caring for your jewelry.