Amazonite Necklace for the Bride

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Our amazonite necklace is perfect for the bride looking for soft blue green colors to compliment her gown. Made with natural amazonite gemstones and adorned with tiny beads in a mixed metal style. The sterling silver necklace has gold filled beads, and the gold filled necklace has rose gold beads. We have matching earrings coming soon.


About Amazonite:

Amazonite is a birthstone for those born under the astrological sign of Virgo. These stones were used to make jewelry, beads and amulets dating back to the time period of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. It has also been found in ancient tombs, including one from King Tutankhamun around 1300 BC.

Amazonite is a newer trade name for the mineral microcline, which is a form of orthoclase feldspar. Stones have a waxy shiny polish and rate a hardness of 6 along the Moh's hardness scale. The blue-green coloring come from trace iron impurities.

According to ancient legends, a tribe of fierce warrior women called the Amazonians used this gemstone to decorate their battle gear. Amazonite is often called the balancing stone for your feminine and masculine sides.



We have the same style with rose quartz if you would like yours in pink:

You can click the link below if you would like to see more wedding jewelry from our shop:





Natural amazonite gemstone briolette 15mm x 10mm and 4mm round beads

925 sterling silver and 14K gold filled:

          1.2mm cable chain

          2mm and 3mm round beads

         26G half hard round wire




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