Backdrop Necklace with Emerald Gemstones

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Our backdrop necklace is handmade with genuine emerald and opal gemstones on a dainty gold filled cable chain. A wedding lariat perfect for the bride and bridesmaids with a low back dress. Designed for the bride looking for simple elegance on her special day. Try matching with our emerald drop earrings. 


You can click the link below for the emerald earrings to match with your necklace:


  •  Handmade in your choice of 925 sterling silver, 14K gold filled, or rose gold filled.
  • The photos show a 26 inch length with a 5 inch drop. The model is petite. 
  • The necklace is designed in a slip over the head style in 26" or 28" lengths.



About Emerald:

Emerald belongs to the beryl group of gemstones and is one of the four precious gemstones in the world, which includes sapphire, ruby, and diamond. The name emerald comes from the French word 'esmeralde', meaning 'green stone'. The green color comes from chromium and vanadium deposits. Most genuine emeralds have natural inclusions and flaws that are part of the stone’s character.

Even though emeralds have been found in many places round the world, Columbia, Brazil, and Zambia have the largest sources. Many emeralds are immersed in oil to enhance their color, usually with cedar oil. This is usually done at the mine where the stone is sourced.

Emeralds are said to be associated with good luck and enhancing well being. It is the birthstone for those born in May and is the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary stone.

These emerald stones for this backdrop have been dyed for a more uniform green color. If you prefer the raw emerald stones with varying shades of green color, just let us know and we are happy to make that for you.


About Opals:

Ethiopian opal was discovered by farmers in 2008 in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia. The opal is found in horizontal layers of volcanic rock along cliffs in the small village of Wegel Tena. About 200 local miners have formed a coop and work together with homemade tools to extract the opal from the rock. Mining these stones is very difficult and dangerous because of the rough terrain. The cliffs in Wegel Tena are becoming the leading supplier of high quality opal gemstones. 

Opals are a unique gemstone because no two opals are the same. They have “play of color” which is created by the light reflecting off of tiny silica spheres within the stone.  Opals can display a variety of colors when turning the stone at different angles, especially under the light. Each opal is unique in the colors they display, their vibrancy, and the hues of color. Opals also differ in the patterns of color dispersion across the stone such as pinpoint (or pinfire), mosaic, flame, and peacock patterns.


We do have the exact same style in blue sapphire if you like:


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Emerald gemstone heat briolettes 8-10mm dyed to enhance color

Opal rondelle gemstones 3-4mm 

925 sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose gold filled:

          1.2mm cable chain

          2mm round beads 

          3-4mm opal smooth rondelle

          5mm jump ring

          26G half hard round wire


How it's made:

The front is designed to be worn in a pendant style with an emerald briolette and tiny sterling silver or gold filled beads wire wrapped onto the cable chain.

The backdrop is made in a lariat style with the drop free floating on the chain. The drop had tiny genuine opals in a smooth rondelle shape dangling the cable chain with an emerald briolette for the drop.

The necklace is designed in a slip over the head style in 26" or 28" lengths. 



Measuring for a back necklace:

1) Take a long piece of string and place the center of the string in front of your neck (cut enough for the 26-28 inch length that fits over your head and cut an extra piece for the drop).

2) Bring both ends of the string around to the back, and then bring them together to form a V.

3) In the front, pull the string forward slightly to adjust the length either in a shorter choker or longer pendant style, whichever way you would like to wear it. Then readjust the back slightly where you would like to form the V.

4) Measure at 26 and 28 inches to see which length fits best, making sure it can easily slide over your head

5) Then from the V in back add a 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 inch length of string (or two for a double strand) to see where you would like your drop to fall.

6) Make sure that when you measure, you are keeping in mind where your open back dress or blouse falls. It may be best to measure while wearing your outfit.

7) If you would like a different length just message us to let us know. 


  • If you have any questions you can click onto the "contact us" tab at the top of the page and we will get in touch.
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What we include:

Your jewelry will arrive in a gift box with a bow along with:

  •  a polishing cloth
  •  anti tarnish tab
  •  instructions on how to care for your jewelry
  •  information about your gemstone
  •  a free little gift just for you!


Thank you for vising our jewelry shop,

Linda and Joe



"Wow! This shop went out of their way with shipping this necklace to me. I was just expecting a little box with the necklace. I receive care instructions, background on the stone, and a bonus gift! Bravo y'all. The necklace itself is beautiful, I purchased it to wear on my wedding day".....Jessica

"Love it! Exactly as described, shipped quickly, and packaged beautifully. Can’t wait to wear it for my wedding, thank you!!".....Samantha


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