Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Backdrop Necklace

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Our sleeping beauty turquoise backdrop necklace is perfect for the bride with a backless dress. Add a little something blue to your special day to compliment your wedding dress. Handmade with genuine turquoise gemstones mined in Arizona with a sky blue color. Try pairing with our turquoise drop earrings below. 


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  • You can choose your necklace in 14K gold filled, 14K rose gold filled, and 925 sterling silver. The earrings are available in 925 sterling silver and gold filled
  • The photos show a 16 inch length with an 8 inch drop. The model is petite.
  • Some of these briolettes do have some natural matrix and veining. Just let us know if you have a preference. 
  • The drop attaches to the back of the necklace.


About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise:

The name sleeping beauty came from the mountain where the turquoise was mined. The mountain resembles a sleeping woman lying on her back with her arms crossed. The stone’s color is a vivid robin egg blue with little to no matrix or veining. 

These beautiful stones were discovered by accident while miners were pulling copper and gold from the mountain. Sleeping beauty turquoise is one of the most treasured turquoise stones in the world. 

The Sleeping Beauty Mine stopped producing turquoise in 2012. Since the closure of the mine, the value of this beautiful gemstone continues to rise as supplies become harder to find. Often you will hear sleeping beauty turquoise being called a true gem of the Southwest.


Gemstone Treatment:

Sleeping beauty turquoise gemstones go through a process of stabilization to harden the gemstone and stabilize the color to prevent fading over time. Turquoise is a very porous material rating 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale and it's color can be altered by elements in the environment. Stabilizing the turquoise ensures hardness and color quality.


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Sleeping beauty turquoise gemstone briolettes 9-11 x 7-8mm and 3.5-4mm rondelles

925 sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose gold filled:

          1.2mm cable chain

          3mm extender chain

          2mm and 3mm round beads 

          4 and 5mm jump ring

          3m flower cap beads

          26G half hard round wire



Measuring for a backdrop necklace:

1) Take a piece of string (common necklace chain lengths are 16, 18, or 20 inches) and place the center of the string in front of your neck.

2) Bring both ends around to the back of your neck and measure the length that is comfortable to you.

3) Next cut a piece of string 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 inches (or two pieces for a double strand drop) and measure where you would like your drop to fall. Measure the drop length from the back of the neck at the clasp.


How Its Made:

In this design, the drop attaches to the necklace in back and we added a 1 inch extender so you can adjust the length. If you prefer to have yours with a detachable drop, just let us know. We can simply remove the extender and have the drop attach at the clasp.  

The drop has cascading clusters of turquoise rondelles and tiny beads wire wrapped onto the chain with a briolette for the drop. The drop is wire wrapped onto the end of the extender chain. 

The front has a turquoise briolette and is worn in a pendant style.



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What we include:

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