Lindas Jewelry Shop

Somersworth, New Hampshire
United States

Handcrafted Jewelry with a Love for Gemstones

    Welcome to Linda's Jewelry Shop! I'm Linda, and my son Joe and I create handmade gemstone jewelry in New Hampshire with minimal styles in 925 sterling silver and 14K gold filled.

What we love about jewelry making:

     We love working with natural gemstones and simple designs that bring out the beauty of the stone. Jewelry making is one of the remaining crafts that cannot be mass produced and there are always new skills to learn and new gemstones to discover. It is such a rewarding feeling when someone purchases one of our jewelry pieces to give to someone special! 

What are we working on now:

     We are busy adding new necklaces and bracelet designs for Mother's Day gifts and graduation. You can find them in our new personalized gift section in our shop.  

What we are planning next:

    Wedding season and summer styles are coming next. We have new backdrop necklace designs to add for wedding season and gifts for the wedding party. Turquoise and shell jewelry and necklace and earring sets coming for summer.

    Down the road we hope to do a few craft shows and gem shows and make some local connections. We are always adding new gemstones and designs to our collection. Just let us know if there is a particular gemstone you are looking for.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or if you would like us to design something special just for you.

Thank you to all our customers for supporting our jewelry shop, 

Linda and Joe

handmade jewelry

Beautiful work and fast shipping. Returning customer.
I love Sleeping Beauty turquoise, this necklace is very nice.
I bought this necklace because I wanted something unique and different to celebrate my anniversary. I have two main issues, first being the stone is not in a 360 setting, and considering it hangs and turns constantly you have to make sure it sits properly to be able to see it. Which is a lot of work to wear a necklace. My second gripe is you can't really secure it by wrapping it around the ring so you have to enjoy wearing chokers.
Very nice necklace materials but poorly designed. The pendant is so top (jewel side) heavy you can't walk 10 feet without it rolling on your chest. The base of the carriage should have been designed to have more weight to stabilize the pendant.
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